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About me

I was born Amanda but given the nickname 'Bob'  from a character on a TV show called  'Blackadder' & it has stuck with me for over 25 years, therefore explaining why a female makeup artist is called 'Bob'! As most of my clients knew me by that nickname I decided to go by it in my professional work & business capacity to save the confusion of there being 2 of us!

I  was a fashion model for 20 years which is where I picked up all the tricks of my now trade. I spent hours sat in a make-up chair before shows, quizzing the make-up artist why she was doing this & why she was using that, so, after I had my daughter & ‘retired’ from the runway, I decided to put my knowledge to good use & share all I’d learnt from the best in the country.

I now run a successful business as a make-up artist in the West of France, Poitou-Charente. I moved here from Oxfordshire in December 2020 and have now set up my make-up business over here for UK brides coming to France for their dream wedding. I specialise in wedding make-up, make-up classes & special occasion make-up (parties, celebrations, proms etc), photo shoots & fashion shows. I also do a one-to-one consultation service, where I sit with the client & go through their beauty & make-up routines, then finish with a 'how to' class. I also go through the clients make up bag with a fine tooth comb! 




Bob Bradley | 79120 - France | Phone: +447778 301 924 UK |